The United States President continues to persist on having his wall, even if it cost the taxpayers 5 billion dollars. Many inhumane incidents have been happening south of the border since Trump presidency began, for example separating children from families and locking them up in cages. Border agents throwing tear gas at families with kids, and the last incident a migrant child died in the custody of the United States government. At one time as you know used to be all about security, wanting a wall and keeping "illegals" out. I have realized it's not so black and white. When I became a Democrat, I reanalyzed everything of what I originally believed outside of conservative media. Immigration and border security were definitely one of the issues that I researched over again. MS 13 was a conservative talking point from conservative media making migrants out to be like all of were terrorists, murdering Americans left and right. Yes, bad things happen to Americans by immigrants, but not like how conservative media says.

Conservative media is propaganda. They do not tell the truth, especially on immigration. One thing is for sure, that conservatives continue to fail to mention is that it's legal to seek asylum which many immigrants do. We need to encourage conservatives to go outside their conservative think tank and see the law on asylum itself. The people who feel to the United States consist mostly of families. Many are parents with children who are hoping for a better life. They are not MS 13, they are not a disease like a few Fox News contributors have said. They are fleeing from dangers that are out of their control so they want to come to the 'land of opportunity" to make their lives better. Not everyone understands the procedures in becoming a citizen, and it's not that simple as well. More facts that Fox News and other media fail to mention is the majority of unauthorized immigrants have lived among Americans for years. They also don't report that there has been a decline in unauthorized immigration. All they report is hate and fear because that's the make America great again way.

The United States is a country of immigrants. It always has been and it always will. It's the land of opportunity. It's the place where people can run too for a better life, America is that exceptional country where we know what moral clarity is. To have a wall is to make the immigrants feeling unwelcome. It will give the perception that America wants to be isolated. It will also show a bit of racism that there is a wall in the south blocking people of color compared to no wall up north with a mostly white people's country of Canada. And stop comparing the USA to Israel and immigrants to Hamas. Again I can't repeat enough that majority of immigrants are hardworking moral people with families, the border fence in Israel is there to keep Hamas from infiltrating into Israel.

Not allowing migrants to seek asylum is a human rights violation. Children being locked in cages are also a human rights violation.  There have been fatal casualties of children under U.S. custody that's how bad the situation is at the border. It's getting worse and nothing is being done. No one is being held accountable, the zero-tolerance policy is inhuman, where is the United Nations, where are our lawmakers, what will it have to take to stop this abuse on immigrants?

Contributing Editor: David Weissman

David Weissman is a United States Army Veteran who served for 13 years. He is originally from Queens, New York.



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