Evolving Love – The Ultimate Solution to America’s Archaic Racism

Although horrendous, the tragedy in Charlottesville served as the catalyst for simultaneously exposing and standing against racism in all forms; it furiously united most Americans together. The tragedy in that town enlightened the minds of most Americans and with that, came the rapid demand for all racially insensitive objects relating to the civil war to be treated as they are: a thing of the past. In essence to the movement, protesters in Durham, North Carolina decided to take down a confederate statue. Mayor of Baltimore, Catherine Pugh, a black woman, exercised strength and swiftly removed several monuments during nightfall. Assuredly, a wave of love is breaking way.

The unanimous urge across the majority of America to stand up for love and do away with hate is not only a constant reality, but a bold warning sign to all the white supremacist who wish to do the opposite. While, white supremacy views are not new. After all, the KKK did exist in the 1800s. These views are becoming extinct, as are the old confederate statues. Nonetheless, as more and more Americans express their intolerance against this putrid ideology, more bigots are exposed and white supremacy loses its place in society and therefore begins to eradicate. Don't be fooled, however. Simply one year or decade cannot completely dissolve a hate that has existed far before the automobile. No. This kind of hate requires a constant vigilance and condemnation. A kind of unconditional and re-occurring love that reinforces hope into the lives of which that are primarily affected by this hate.

While flattering, the deed of showing up to a rally or voicing how much racism is wrong is simply not enough. Especially, when a minority group faces social injustice, even by fellow police officers. Which, is worth noting that a lot of police officers perform their jobs fairly. Still, when these unfortunate instances occur, all Americans should strive for equal justice and not hide behind the very true but irrelevant to the cause slogan "All lives Matter." Americans should sympathize with the issues of minority groups and join with them in the ultimate fight for freedom in all facets of life. Whether that be understanding the very foundation of Black Lives Matter, understanding that discreet discrimination is alive and well in the workplace, and also that the justice system is notorious for disproportionately placing African Americans in jail with lengthier sentences than whites. Those dually active Americans who tell those inappropriate but "harmless" jokes in their dining rooms, but swear up and down that hate is wrong shall either stand on one belief or the other. The future calls for no more hypocrisy, but firm believers of peace on all sides. While as human beings, mistakes are expected; individuals must learn from them and progress toward a healthy change.

These realities must not only be acknowledged but rectified in order to achieve social equality. As gut-punching as removing the statues may be to some whites or "history protectors", these confederate artifacts mirror the long and ongoing hate, terror, and degradation that has confronted many minorities, primarily African-Americans. This kind of hate is so tangible, especially in American society, it is almost pointless to assign fault to offensive statues that thousands of people have walked by without a complaint. Yet, removing these statues represent a total and complete disregard of America's troubled past and a step in a positive direction. White supremacists will have less monuments to praise and draw hate from.

Digging into the rhetoric of the past and ripping out the deep-rooted established racism that resides in American soil is where the growing pain lies. America is not a grown woman, instead a teenage girl, not fully evolved into womanhood. America has made mistakes, but now chooses to fix them. Hence, the alt-right group yelling "Blood and Soil". Referencing to the innate nature of archaic America that ran off and stole an immense amount of land away from groups like the Californios and Native Americans. White supremacists rely on the idea this country has always been "their" country. Remember, the rich blood shed by innocent lives that have been lost and seeped into the ground. The slaves who were in fact not immigrants, but exploited souls that worked tirelessly without reparation, gratitude, or acknowledgement as a human being. This reality is the backbone, rather the very fabric that knitted this country as a whole. What can be done? Sons, fathers, brothers, husbands, boyfriends, uncles, and cousins cannot be revived from the dead. But love can take place. With its clichés, love cannot immediately remove systemic racism. Though it can secrete compassion out of those who bare a lighter shade. It can open one's eyes to simultaneously understand the pain of a minority and as a result, strive for complete equality definitively. Love can prompt an individual to educate themselves on the struggles of the underprivileged. To dismiss their pre-conceived notions and to perceive the world through the eyes of the disenfranchised.

Keep in mind, people of all creeds, colors, and ethnicities still share a common trait: imperfection. The notion that because someone is white and well, may be better off economically and socially does not warrant for them to be written off as the enemy. One who does not have a darker shade might not get it right all the time or say the right phrase. That's alright. Human is human. Where issue meets danger is when a person of this certain status, acknowledges their power and chooses not to use it for the right reasons or use it at all. Some folks believe that certain issues are the “others" issues and not their own. However, there are some folks who simply want the chance to actually live. Yes, live. Live their lives freely just like every American. Strive for the best in life. They want to provide for themselves and their families and are simply not given the chance. Or simply face an uphill battle that renders them hopeless. Where the privilege aspect comes in handy, is when one of such a status chooses to use their privilege to help their neighbor or someone who may be different than them excel in society. A person of such status could raise awareness of such a topic in their community. Maybe bring fliers to a PTA meeting and encourage parents to frequently have conversations with their kids about race. Spark up the conversation and follow with action.

Dually noted, what occurred in Charlottesville was remarkable. Please do not misinterpret the praise of Charlottesville as a condoning of racism. The counter-protesters exhibiting bravery and will to face such hate. The incredible young woman who unfortunately lost her life. All of these facts are a testament to the evolving spirit of love. Love possesses no boundaries. Love and America must continue to cohesively work together in the marriage that is taking place. Love and America must permeate every corner of the U.S. Racism is aware of the marriage that has happened. It is not happy. Therefore, it continuously rears and shakes its ugly head. Trying to gain control and instill fear into individuals. Love cannot let that proceed. Love has clearly won battles by instilling inspiration and determination into the hearts of people. Boston, Charlottesville, and the Women's March are stark examples. Don't get complacent. There is much to be done. Ideas and perceptions to be changed, systemic barriers to be broken, previous wrongs to be righted. Taking down confederate statues is a bold step, but it's time to run and not walk. Love is moving quickly. Love is evolving. Hopefully, America will continue to evolve with it.

Contributing Editor: Bernard Mabinton


Bernard Mabinton is a 22-year old African-American writer having completed two years in college and is in the process of finishing his education. He hopes to one day be a filmmaker.