Liberal Military Spouse in America 2017 #WeAllFearDifferentThings

I firmly believe my use of "fuck" in my everyday life and on the internet pretty much ends all chances of my ideas and opinions being spread across the country, but they are my opinions none the less and any chance I get I will speak up!

I am disheartened by the results of the 2016 election. I sat in my kitchen that night waiting for the numbers to change and when Stephen Colbert gave up I cried, deactivated my Facebook account, cut ties with people I'd considered friends forever and decided to not give up.

I believe it is our responsibility to stay informed, never stop voting and always keep fighting. My family has been stationed in AK for the past 3 years, and while at some points it felt dangerous, I wore my anti trump shirts every time I left the house, and with my windows rolled down i proudly sported my "Fuck Trump" hat because everything the man represents is against what I believe.

I never would have thought there were so many people in this country who were just dying for the chance to throw political correctness out the window and define themselves by the things they fear most.

I am not afraid of what the President, the GOP, or their supporters fear.
My two best friends are a gay couple from Fairbanks, AK who have shown me more about kindness and understanding than I ever received from my childhood friends.
I don't fear Muslims and would never be so small minded that I could proclaim a group a danger simply because of the God they believe in, although I'm apt to believe there is a radicalization of Christianity that has long been ignored and is fueling the Trump fire no matter how it conflicts with the principles of the faith.

I value immigrants and the immigration process for what it does for our country and its diversity and for the chance it offered for my family (although being a white French/Irish/Finn never hurt my chances at anything in my life).

I don't believe in reverse racism, but I do see that many people are angered by the thought of others finally getting equal rights and the opportunities they deserve as humans and that hurts my heart more than I'd like to admit.

I do not let money run my life although I live a comfortable life with insurance through the USAF so I don't struggle in the way so many American families do, but I grew up without much and value the things I've accumulated in life and for what my husband and i am able to give our son.

I don't feel a great connection to the military but thankfully for me, it's a job to my husband and he knows I'd be proud no matter his profession. I can't stand most mandatory things and although I am thankful for what the AF does for us I think military spending is out of control and they, like law enforcement, are in dire need of oversight/an overhaul. I don't find myself "thanking anyone for their service" simply because they wear the uniform. I've been attacked by enough military members for my opinions to know it would be foolish to respect someone only because of the job they chose, but I respect my husband and I know he joined because he wasn't going to have the opportunities he was looking for in our small Upper Michigan hometown. He's been able to see the world and do things kids from our town just don't get to do. I don't want my son to serve though. We are saving his GI Bill so our son can have the option to go to school and we are saving so if that's not the path he chooses he can buy a house or start a business or continue saving for his own idea of happiness.

We want to remain a one child family because we are uncertain of the future and see that climate change will have a direct effect on his life and I fear that if the country keeps its head in the sand for the sake of profits it will be devastating for our planet...
I fear not being generous. I fear not standing up for what I believe. I fear my son living in a world where ignorance and hate change people. I fear that I will never find a politician I believe in quite as much as I did Barack Obama, but I will continue to fight, for us, for the country and for the planet.

I want my son to care more about people than things and this president is threatening what I believe in so I cannot rest.

I will RESIST.


Contributing Editor: Christin

My name is Christin. I am a military spouse and mother of one originally from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I am in my early thirties, happily married and just trying to live the best life I possibly can. I am disappointed by the direction our country has decided to take and feel that speaking up is the best way to make a change.

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