The Tax Bill is a Raw Deal for Women

Nobody likes thinking about taxes—especially when it’s about raising them. But that’s exactly what will happen for hardworking women and their families under the tax bill being considered by Congress.

The U.S. Senate is just days away from voting on a bill that will raise taxes on millions of women and families in order to pay for tax cuts for big corporations and the rich. But that’s not the worst of it. The Senate bill would also cause millions to lose their health insurance. It would take away tax benefits for job expenses, high state taxes, and more—tax benefits that working families claim every year to make ends meet. And it inserts anti-abortion language (yes, in a tax bill!) to try to chip away at women’s rights.

What’s more, the pieces of this tax bill that are supposed to help working families are complete shams. Ivanka Trump has talked a lot about helping families with child care and paid leave. But the ideas in this bill, supported by her father—the Child Tax Credit and the tax credit for businesses offering paid leave—are bogus. Their Child Tax Credit proposal does not give any meaningful help to the lowest-income families. This means that single moms working at minimum wage jobs, many of whom are women of color, and children in immigrant families get nothing, but families making six figures get more tax breaks. Their “paid leave” business tax credit would not encourage any new businesses to offer paid leave, but gives another tax credit to businesses already offering it. To make matters worse, both these credits are only temporary, while the bill’s corporate tax rate cut is permanent.

Women and families will have to pay twice for this tax scam. First, after a few years, the bill would raise taxes on average for hard-working middle-class families. Then, and after trillions of dollars are given away to millionaires and big corporations, everyday women and children are going to be asked to pay again through spending cuts to programs like education, Medicare, child care, and more.

This tax plan is a bad deal for women. Even when women are confronted with new and terrible things every day, this is an especially big and bad deal. If we don’t stop it, the rich are going to get richer and the poor… well, you know how this ends, especially for the most vulnerable women who are just scraping by. We can’t let that happen. We have to do better. We have to stop this disastrous GOP tax plan.

Contributing Editor: Anna Chu

Vice President of Income Security and Education
The National Women’s Law Center