Blog Post: We Will Not Be Ignored

Nothing about my story is unique.

It’s the story of millions of single mothers who get up early, work hard, and go to bed late hoping that they’ve done enough to provide a good life for their kids.

For women, especially minority women, hard work doesn’t guarantee anything and a straight path towards even our most basic goals -- food on the table, a roof over our heads, feeling safe in our homes and workplaces --  is the exception, not the rule.

We struggle, but we never stop moving forward because it’s worth it.

I started my career as a radio station news producer, a job I loved, but when it didn’t pay enough to cover the cost of daycare for my kids, I became a childcare provider myself.

When I put my kids to bed each night, I studied to earn my Master’s degree in education, so when they were ready to start school, so was I.  For the last 24 years, I’ve taught my high school students how the world was, so my boys will treat women with respect and my girls will accept nothing less.

Even with job security and a steady paycheck, I still struggled when my ex got behind on his child support payments. So, I took on a second job and refinanced my house to ensure that I could invest in my kids and their future. It wasn’t a choice I made, it’s was a duty I accepted when I became a mom.

We fight, but we have each others’ backs and pave the way for the next generation.

I was part of the first full class of women to graduate from my college, not because I had to, but because I’ve always sought out glass ceilings to shatter so the world would be a little more free for my daughter.

I’m from Paul Ryan’s hometown, Janesville, Wisconsin. When I noticed our city advisory committees were filled with white men, I didn’t complain, I acted. I took my seat at the table on the committee that made those appointments, and soon I took the lead as chairwoman. Now women, minorities, and our LGBT neighbors have a voice in shaping our community.

We will not be ignored, because generations of women have sacrificed their lives to get us to this point in our history.

When we marched together to protest Trump’s misogyny, our numbers demonstrated our power. After the largest protest in American history, we’ve found our voice and we’re using it to demand safer workplaces, equal pay, and benefits that allow us to raise a family without compromising our careers.

Myself and thousands of women across the country are running for office because we’re done taking a back seat to less qualified men.

I’m running for Congress against Paul Ryan because no one has worked harder to roll back the progress women have made. Women are ready to take our rightful place in Congress and we will not let men like him silence us any longer.

My story is not unique. I’m going to beat Paul Ryan because of the millions of women like me who are taking action to demand a political system that works for our families and protects our kids’ future. Those women inspired me and gave me the strength to take on this challenge, so my new campaign video is a tribute to them: 

Contributing Editor: Cathy Myers

I’m the daughter of an army veteran and an Army Reserve nurse who owned that truck stop, and later added a diner. They worked tirelessly to give our family of six a middle-class life. It was a team effort. They, with the help of their employees, built something pretty great, and they taught us kids the value of hard work, public service, and taking responsibility for community and country.

My brothers, sister, and I have always lived those values in our own lives. While it hasn’t been easy for me, for far too many, opportunity is slipping away. The middle class I was raised in is going away. I worry about our kids and the future they have to look forward to. But I also know this: ordinary Americans are capable of extraordinary things when we come together to demand a new direction.

So if you think now is the time for a Member of Congress to represent the truckers, the teachers, the factory workers, and the small business owners; I am asking you to join this campaign.