President or Dictator: It’s America’s Choice

I start this out by saying that I am an independent voter. My leaning is left. I don’t argue that. Yet, I grew up and still live in a state that is predominately conservative and voted for Trump. I didn’t, but my family did. A few of my friends did. We have talked politics and on many things, we have agreed to disagree.

However, I have a message for all Americans when it comes to the current state of our White House. Be you Republican, Democrat, or Independent, there is cause for concern. Conservative, centrist, or liberal, there is reason to worry. Let’s set aside the issues for the moment. Set aside gun control, civil rights, environmental protections, immigration, and healthcare. They are important and critical issues, but I’m speaking of one on which I sincerely hope that we can all agree on.

Is a president above the law?

Article 2 of the Constitution gives the president protection from being prosecuted for duly exercising the executive duties and enforcing the laws. That is it. Officials are still subject to the very laws they are bound by oath to enforce. This is written into the framework of our very Constitution. To say the president is above the law is to flout the foundations of our nation.

So, I ask again. Is a president above the law?

It has recently come to light that our current President is considering firing a special counsel that was tasked with investigating possible crimes committed against our country in connection with the presidential election. One example is given below but they are scattered throughout his timeline now.

A man was chosen who has bipartisan ties, but in the past, has claimed to be Republican. Robert Mueller proceeded to build a team to investigate said crimes. At this point, he had bipartisan support. Legislators on both sides of the aisle had nothing but praise for him and his thorough way of conducting investigations. He began that investigation. There were the executive dictates of what he could investigate and red lines drawn. Those red lines were summarily crossed by Mueller in the course of his investigation.

Search warrants were executed duly and informants were hauled in. Then the grand jury was assembled. The infamous Steele dossier was examined. Witnesses were called and indictments were filed. The current trend seems to be circling ever closer to the inner circle within the White House and this is when the aforementioned tweet was sent.

Lines have been drawn and minds made up about Trump’s innocence or guilt. It has been established that the investigation is proceeding as any investigation should, if you follow the timeline of events. This includes the issues surrounding the FISA warrants, if the background research on the requirements for them is dutifully done. There is no conflict of interest that is readily apparent on Mueller’s part, with shots being made towards his team that are dubious, at best.

The question here isn’t whether or not you think Trump is guilty of obstruction of justice and treason. It isn’t about whether or not he has the legal ability to fire Mueller, which he actually does have, by the way. It is about whether or not we, as an American people, are comfortable with the idea of a sitting president being able to unduly influence an investigation that has the possibility of implicating him in crimes any American citizen could be charged with. Are we comfortable with Congress doing nothing in the face of a blatant manipulation of that nature?

This is an issue we can all agree on. Let the investigation proceed, whether it clears him or condemns him. While we focus on the issues like immigration, healthcare, gun reform, and all the other causes that are near to our hearts, let Mueller do his work. Firing Mueller would harm this investigation and throw it off track for months, maybe even years. Should the potential of treason be treated with that kind of flippancy?

If he is fired, we, as a people, should protest. We should demand our Congress ensure the investigation continues in a way that is unbiased and follows the rule of law. This is one thing that crosses ideological lines and political parties. In the end, the labels I mentioned above are just that.


It has been said before but it is no less true now. We are all Americans, above all else. We defend our Constitution and the nation it governs from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. That is a promise I make of my own free will and it is my hope that all of my fellow Americans feel the same. I will not shame the blood of my ancestors or the future of our youth.

I will not allow those that represent me to do so either and nor should any American.


Contributing Editor: Amy Smith

She is a writer that is using the tools she has to ensure a voice for doing what is right is heard. She has an independent streak on the political level with a strong patriotic core inherited from her ex-military father and a deep love for the natural world. Southern born with a Northern perspective, she grew up seeing the dual nature of life. That perspective has been applied with increasing consistency. When not writing or working her day job, she spends her time with family, reads anything she can get her hands on, and runs wild through the forest. Music is a constant and is as varied as her reading list. While the reading list goes from Nietzsche to J.D. Robb, her music goes from S.J. Tucker and Garth Brooks to Five Finger Death Punch and Disturbed. You can find her on Twitter @fireheather