Chairman Crowley, FCC Commissioner Clyburn Hold Net Neutrality Roundtable with Students

Chairman Crowley was joined by FCC Commissioner Clyburn, students and administrators at CUNY Prep in the Bronx to discuss the future of net neutrality.

(Bronx, NY) – Chairman of the House Democratic Caucus Joe Crowley (D-Queens, the Bronx) was joined by FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn yesterday for a discussion on net neutrality with students and administrators at CUNY Prep High School in Pelham Parkway, the Bronx.

During the roundtable, students asked Chairman Crowley and Commissioner Clyburn about the future of net neutrality and their efforts to secure a free and open internet.

“Net neutrality directly impacts the next generation of business owners and entrepreneurs, which is why it’s so important to have these discussions with the students of America,” said Chairman Crowley. “The Trump administration’s decision to dismantle net neutrality was an attack on American innovation, but we’ll continue to fight back to ensure a free and open Internet is available to all Americans. I want to thank the students and faculty at CUNY Prep for inviting me and Commissioner Clyburn to join them and for leading the fight for net neutrality protections here in the Bronx.”

Chairman Crowley and Commissioner Clyburn also discussed the national impact of net neutrality’s repeal and how the Trump administration’s decision will hurt students, business owners, entrepreneurs, and anyone who relies on the internet to carry out their daily responsibilities. A recording of that discussion can be found here.

“I was truly inspired during a roundtable discussion on net neutrality in the Bronx with students from CUNY Prep," said Commissioner Mignon Clyburn. "Chairman Crowley and the school administrators who made it possible for me to hear first-hand from our next generation of leaders are to be commended for supporting those digital natives who — at such a young age — recognize the importance of a free and open internet and affordable connectivity.”

In November 2017, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, appointed by President Trump, announced plans to dismantle net neutrality protections. The protections, initially implemented by the FCC in 2015 under President Obama, prohibited Internet Service Providers from blocking or slowing down internet-based content.

A longtime advocate for consumer rights, Chairman Crowley called on his Democratic and Republican colleagues in Congress to implement net neutrality protections immediately following Chairman Pai’s announcement. Chairman Crowley’s statement on the repeal of net neutrality protections can be found here.