Year End Review of the RussiaGate Fraud

As amazing as it is, there are still people out there who are totally sold on any number of Russia/Trump based conspiracy theories. So it falls to me to illustrate a few of the multitude of reasons we Trump supporters scoff and get a good laugh almost daily over the latest “RussiaGate” nonsense. It’s almost amazing the degree to which we do not take any of this seriously, and actually laugh at how over the top the hysteria has been. Let me enumerate just a few of the reasons we view the Russia “meddling” investigation as a large scale witch hunt.

  1. We meddle in elections all the time. I find it moderately funny the level of hysteria over this supposed “Russia meddling”. Why is that you ask? Why would I be so flippant over a foreign power’s attempted subversion of our democracy? Because it’s literally what every country has been doing to each other, forever. We’ve done it most recently in both Israel and Britain. Obama literally went over to Britain and tried to talk them out of Brexit. Think of it, that would be the equivalent of Putin coming into the country to give a stump speech for Trump. This is one of a multitude of reasons Democrats have zero credibility on “election meddling”. Dov Levin cites 117 cases that we “meddled” in other country’s elections, and that’s not even the full amount since his research stops at 2000. We’ve installed and removed leaders all over the world, and attempted meddling operations everywhere, and now Democrats want to act like this is somehow unique?
  2. I still haven’t seen proof of the DNC or Podesta hack. Everyone talks about this like it’s a foregone conclusion, but I haven’t seen even one shred of credible evidence this actually happened. First of all, before you get all riled up about me not trusting our vaunted “intelligence community”, are we talking the same community that did everything possible to convince us Iraq had WMDs? The same that had top FBI agents showing extreme bias and intent to subvert Trump? You’ll forgive me if I don’t immediately take their word for it. Do yourself a favor. Go back and watch those hearings during the lead up to the Iraq war. It’s eerie how much confirmation bias and lack of facts you hear. Second, Podesta literally emailed his password out, so calling his a hack is really pushing it. Even Julian Assange has said multiple times it isn’t Russia, but a whistleblower. These are important points that are completely overlooked, because if they didn’t hack anything, then this entire thing falls apart. Now, if they did hack the emails, and that is 100% provable, then I’m all about punishing the hell out of them. What I don’t want to hear is a distinct lack of facts and bias fueled arguments, which leads me to number 3.
  3. This all leads back to liberals that think they know better than us. After seeing these text messages about Strzok, Ohr, McCabe and seeing leakers all throughout the last year one thing is clear: the left is willing to say and do anything to overturn the election that they lost. You see, it’s not a problem that some FBI agents hated Trump. People are allowed opinions. The problem is that there’s clear intent to do something about it. Liberals were so triggered by the election that they went into full deep state mode, and are quite willing to do anything to subvert Trump. Look at Reality Winner. That girl threw her life away to leak something insignificant that she thought would hurt the Trump admin. At the end of the day, the Left feels they are morally justified to do anything to stop Trump, since the Clinton campaign did everything possible to convince them that he’s Hitler, and apparently it worked as leftists are literally willing to go to jail to try to stop Trump.
  4. The Democrats needed an excuse. They spent in excess of a billion dollars and lost against a brash billionaire with a reality tv show. It couldn’t possibly be that a lot of people rejected Obama’s presidency, or that Hillary was a terrible candidate. Nope, they needed a reason to alleviate the cognitive dissonance that smacked them in the face when Trump was elected. Let’s get real here, not one Democrat believed for a second Trump would win. The arrogance was palpable. And yet here we are. They needed a reason and an excuse, and they found one, in a geopolitical foe they couldn’t have cared less about an hour before.
  5. Talking to Russians isn’t illegal. I hate to break it to “the resistance”, but none of these meetings, not one, have been illegal. Meeting with Russians is not a crime. This is why the only allegations against Flynn and a lot of these campaign operatives is lying. No one is even trying to argue that the actual meetings are illegal, they are arguing that someone forgot a meeting date and the participants, out of literally hundreds of meetings. No one in the entire country thought these meetings were controversial a year and a half ago. So, they are trying to catch people who sat in hundreds of meetings with hundreds of people in a mental trap. Could you name every participant in every single meeting you sat in for over a year? I know I couldn’t. That’s why in these cases “lying to the FBI” is a laughable charge because it can be anything. Oh, you said the meeting was 7 pm and it was 7:30? That’s lying. You said there were 10 people but there was really 11? Lying. Sorry, but I don’t expect people that had hundreds of meetings to recall every detail on demand.

That’s just a few reasons, out of a multitude, that the Russia investigation, is, and has been from the get-go, a farce. At the end of the day, this entire thing is predicated on one thing: Democrats explaining away the massive gut punch of cognitive dissonance they got hammered with during the election. This is why Trump won’t fire Mueller: he doesn’t need to because there’s nothing for him to find other than process errors by peripheral players. If the best Mueller has after millions of dollars and nearly a year is a couple of guys on insignificant charges and an old pre-election Manafort deal, then Trump has exactly zero to worry about. There’s no reason to take the optics hit when you know good and well he’s got nothing. It’s also why we are hearing less and less about collusion, and more about obstruction of justice, which is even more absurd. At the end of the day, this is all about Democrats being so sure they had the country in the bag, that they were perfectly willing to unmask, show overt bias, and then when that didn’t work, invent an enemy to blame it on. I’m sure Russia is terrible. I don’t have any doubt that they aren’t on our side. But I’m sorry, running 100k worth of Facebook ads isn’t exactly convincing me that they are an existential threat. As far as I’m concerned, unless they hacked actual voting machines and changed votes, I’m not interested.

At the end of the year, it’s time for Democrats to get over it. He’s going nowhere, and he is your President.

And likely for the next 7 years at the rate he’s going.


PS: Arming Ukraine is the worst Russian collusion of all time.

Contributing Editor: Steven Mager

Steve is the CEO of and can be found on Twitter @americana_prime