Conversation With a Retired Lieutenant

It’s not everyday you get to eat with a retired  Lieutenant and talk about social issues going on in this society. That’s exactly what I was able to do this October evening, Going in I was scared Working up my nerves to have this conversation and I’m 6’6 315 but it was a conversation worth having.

Retired Cop 


Interview location:

Restaurant generic seafood

Dom - Hows your food? 

RC - Great could be better, maybe treat me to Kona grill or Wild Fish next time instead of this dry shrimp I’m eating. 

Dom - You use to be a Lieutenant so I know you have the money to treat me to “Ruth Chris” lol

RC - You use to play in the NFL so I know you should be able to buy me Dinner all week?

Dom - I didn’t quite catch what you said my CTE is kicking in 

(I giggle, he laughs really loud)

RC - so you gonna ask me questions or am I just gonna keep looking at pussy all day? I mean either is fine with me. 

(While looking at the waitress)

Dom - What made you join the police force?

RC - I wanted to get into something that lets me Kill unarmed black men for free (sarcastic) and laughs. 

Dom - (wow look on face) well since you want to just dive in it head first, what if I joined a gang that was known to only kill cops and posted my finish work online for everyone to see?

RC - Thats whats wrong with this generation they can’t take a joke, you’re not going to report me over a joke are you? 

Dom - I'm not offended easily unless you’re my ex or your last name is Trump.

RC - (laughs and rolls eyes) to answer your question, I had nothing. I built a career doing my job and I love every part of it. I've even busted guys who were dirty in my department, I don’t play any games. Some are begging on their hands and knees but I don’t give a fuck. 

Dom - what did these cops do?

RC - anywhere from taking drugs, to taking money. I had one that had about 5 cars, two houses and I just had a feeling it was fishy because there was no way he could have all that with the salary he had. 

Dom - So you pre-judged that situation and was right about it? 

RC - Yes that was just obvious, he got too comfortable. 

          (Waitress walks by)

RC - damn do you see the set of tits on her? I like nice tits. Nothing gets me more than pussy ill do anything for pussy. 

Dom - where I was getting with the pre judgment is that you have officers that do that very thing to minorities every day. Mexicans, Blacks and even white people have that happen to them every day, we catch it on film and the cop gets paid leave when he was in the wrong. In your eyes do you not see that as a problem? 

RC - when you were in the NFL did you protect your teammates? 

Dom - bad analogy because NFL players are not as close as you think, sure you have some teams that are but out of the 4 NFL Teams I was apart of we were never as together as my high school or college teams. I get the point that you’re making but I'm not like that if I see someone doing bad Im not with it. I did find at times me just turning the other cheek but if I felt that it was extremely bad id say something I don’t care. Its still extremely bad comparison because we don’t have football players killing people weekly. 

RC - When we prejudge about 75% of the time we are right. 

Dom - to me that is not a gamble worth taking, If I died tomorrow because you took a 75% chance because I had a gun id be pissed off. 

RC - you’d be dead 

Dom - and that's ok? 

RC - listen we put our lives on the line every day, we see people with guns in their vehicle and they start shooting, we see the nicest people that you wouldn’t even imagine doing any harm but you look them up and they have felonies and a loaded weapon on them. Imagine doing this every single day of your life and you make 1 mistake out of 365 days and your career is just done? 

Dom - how about not prejudging period. Just simply write the infraction and keep it moving, no one has to die and the mistake wouldn’t be there. The stigma is you guys are trigger happy, how about we change that?

RC - maybe if we didn’t prejudge, the criminal I pulled over gets away.

Dom - You pulled him over, for one thing, how about doing that one thing and continue doing your job title which is protecting and serving? because a guy with a busted tail light is not going to kill me. 

RC - You have to have a level of Respect when talking to an officer and that's what many people in today's generation lack. 

Dom - respect? says the guy that just said “look at the tits on her” ha ok 

RC - so you don’t like pussy? 

Dom - it is contradicting, but going back on your response. People in this generation are not gonna respect you just because you wear that uniform social media has made that uniform look like a semi-joke when we have a run of police officers getting off and they’re literally killing people with no weapons on them.

RC - follow the law and nothing would happen

Dom - can you stand up and eat for the rest of our discussion.

RC - why?

Dom - I want you to stand up and eat for the rest of our interview.

RC - No for what? 

Dom - Just do it I’m going to take your chair and put it behind me. 

RC - No offense but I have bad knees I’m really not trying to stand ill pass. 

Dom - BAM!!! (I smack the table and yell Bam) You’re Dead, that's what its like when a random person asks us to do something that is out of our norm. Now imagine seeing videos and there replaying in our minds as well. How do you think we would act? You’ve only known me about 2 days and you didn’t listen to me. 

RC - that was a great demonstration but until you’ve worn this badge and walked in my shoes you could never actually know what its like to do my job. 

Dom - You can get pretty close. 

RC - How so? 

Dom - Ridealongs 

RC - (smirking eye roll)

Dom - No offense but yeah I respect the good cops a lot, but to play off of your words there is one job in America that people literally can never know what its like to be and thats being a Black man in America. There is a close runner-up and that's being a Black Woman some might argue the runner-up is actually number 1. 

RC - you might be right but you can’t pull the race card every time in every situation. You have to come to the terms that all people are not good, you have thugs that think its ok to do whatever the fuck they want but can’t. 

Dom - I can, but I most definitely don’t pull the race card all the time, I just know whats right and whats wrong. Just like you want to make it back home to your family I do too. Without them actually being here I think every broken tail light, red light runner, parking ticket, ex-gang member, non respecting person would also agree with me.

RC - How do you suggest we change this method of policing? Because there have been way more success stories then bad ones its just the media blows up the bad ones. 

Dom - Honestly, I dont know what would get this on track, maybe higher pay? make it even harder to become a cop? All I know is police brutality had been going on for decades and what we are doing right now solves nothing, and all the crimes that you guys do solve ironically this crime haven't even been attempted to get solved. 

RC - How about we start with players standing for the anthem? Maybe showing some respect for our country will make their message heard loud and clear? 

Dom - the topic we are talking about is the very reason they’re kneeling. 

RC - and we know that now stand, are you gonna kneel forever?

Dom - let's say we stand what do you think happens next? 

RC - the negativity is taken away from the game of football. 

Dom - We don’t care about that negativity we care about cops getting off after executing someone on camera. 

RC - Shit happens off camera, Shit happens period. You can’t whine and complain about every situation, just like you can’t control every bad guy or every teammate, I can’t control every police officer. 

Dom - You might be right but at the end of the day if you want cops to be viewed better they have to be shown in a better light. You and I will go back and forth all day but the sole purpose is that you guys want respect, well we want respect as well and as you just said I can’t control every person actions either. Prejudging the ones doing right doesn’t help the situation. 

RC - So essentially we both want the same things, except for pussy obviously, you don’t want that. 

 (Waitress returns with check)

Dom - Let us wrap this up so can get you home to your wife (said it semi loud so she could hear)

RC - ah low blow hahahahaha

Contributing Editor: Dominique Hamilton

Army brat Dominique Hamilton was born in Phoenix Arizona and currently resides in San Antonio,Texas where he and longtime friend Nathaniel Wunderlich run a news outlet called "Positive News Media Company" @PositiveNewsMcwhere the two thrive to present positive information that is overlooked by the mainstream media. Before playing 3 and a half years in the NFL, Dominique earned a bachelor's degree at the University of Missouri.

He can be found on twitter @underrated_dom


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