GOP: Pro-birth, Anti-Life.

GOP: Because the Right to Life Beings at Conception, but Ends at Birth

         We have all seen the placards at rallies: “Abortion is murder.”  We have seen the State and Federal laws seeking to restrict or even eliminate access to abortions.  We have seen laws stripping insurance coverage for birth control, passed, ostensibly, to protect religious objections to the interruption of life.  The position would be tenable, even respectable, were it not shrouded in hypocrisy.

Many of those ardently opposed to abortion oppose, with equal fervor, any regulations on owning assault weapons.   Many of those ardently opposed to abortion oppose, with equal fervor, providing healthcare for young children whose families cannot afford it.  Many of those ardently opposed to abortion support, with equal fervor, the death penalty. Why? Why is prenatal life sacred, but life after birth life less so?

Oh, I imagine you saying, the death penalty is different: babies are innocent, killers deserve to die. An eye for an eye and such.

Okay, but what about children who cannot afford medical care? Who cannot afford to eat? This year alone, Congress has tried 4 times to strip “Essential Health Benefits” from the Affordable Care Act. Among these benefits is prenatal care and postnatal care for women.  Congress also allowed CHIP, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, to expire, unfunded, while they literally passed a tax code that makes private jets tax deductible. As of November 2017, Senate still has not passed measures extending CHIP.  These children’s lives, so sacred in utero, lose all (political) value once they are born.

This same Congress said it was “not the time to talk about gun legislation” after mass killings Las Vegas; then Colorado; then Texas.  After Vegas, the GOP asked only "why" the Vegas gunman did what he did. "Why" hardly matters compared to "How", and that is a question few Congress, and none in the GOP, asked. How did he amass 44 guns? How is that not regulated? How is it possible for civilians to have such easy access to weapons designed for military use? Why does not matter. "How" does. Until we ask and answer "How", it's just a matter of time before the next one leaves us wondering "why".

They cite the Second Amendment, shouting “no one will take my guns away.” But, they ignore the fact that the Second Amendment protects the rights of “well-regulated militia” to bear arms. Even if you ignore the term “militia”, you cannot ignore the qualifier “well-regulated.”  The belief that anyone, regardless of background, training, stability or a history of violence, should have access to weapons capable of killing hundreds within minutes is antithetical to the right to life.  Yet, many the same people who say life is so sacred that abortion should be illegal refuse any regulation on access to high-powered guns.

I am left with but one conclusion: To many in the GOP, life is sacred, until it is born.


Contributing Editor: Howard Altman, Long Island, New York

I am an attorney and aspiring writer living in New York with my golden doodle, Barney. I cook, bake, play the piano and write. I wanted to be Weird Al when I grew up, but had to settle for the law and Twitter. You can find me on twitter @HowardA_Esq.

Featured image: AP Photo/Susan Walsh

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