Alyssa Milano launches #StateOfTheDream Initiative
Alyssa Milano launches #StateOfTheDream Initiative
As Digital Counter-Programming to Trump’s State of the Union Address

On Tuesday, January 30th(6pm PST/9pm EST), Donald Trump will deliver his SOTU address. #StateOfTheDream will highlight what truly makes America great: that we come from many places, races and creeds, and together work for a more perfect union.

The digital #StateOfTheDream initiative will support dreamers and immigrants, call for a DREAM Act, lean into the Senate, fundraise for United We Dream, and express a vision for a more inclusive, progressive America.

She invites all Americans to create a brief (60 seconds or less) video describing your dream for America: What you hope for. What inspires YOU. (She especially encourages those running for office and those already serving to do so).  All videos are to be posted simultaneously at 6pm PST/9pm EST with the hashtag #StateOfTheDream on all social channels with continuing messaging with the #StateOfTheDream hashtag to follow.

Actress and Activist Alyssa Milano has been in the spotlight for most of her life.  She chooses to shine that spotlight on causes that matter deeply to her.  Her advancement of #MeToo sparked a viral movement of women fighting against sexual harassment and assault and she has been involved in TimesUp since its inception.  For 15 years, she has been a UNICEF National Ambassador.  In 2016, she received their Spirit of Compassion Award for her dedication to their mission of advocating for the protection of children's rights, helping meet their basic needs and expanding their opportunities to reach their full potential.  She has lobbied members of congress for greater rights for immigrants as well as education reform and has been on the forefront of efforts to protect health coverage for all Americans.  She continues to use her voice and platform to advocate for social justice, fairness and equality.