Breaking: Kennedy Retiring from SCOTUS

My “no” to a SCOTUS nominee until after the election is an act of radical love:

This no is a “yes” for my mother and my mother-in-law and my sisters and my daughters, so they can access the health care they need.

This no is a yes for immigrants and their children.

This no is a yes for Daniel Pearl (of Blessed Memory) and every reporter and champion of the free press and first amendment.

This no is a yes a for the Parkland kids and the Santa Fe kids and the Columbine kids and every kid who wants to go to school to learn and every parent who quakes in fear when we drop them off at school or the bus-stop praying that gun violence won’t wound them-or worse.

This no is a yes for Edie and Thea of blessed memory and every courageous transperson who lived their truth.

This no is a yes for Mike Brown, Jr and Sandra Bland and Eric Garner and Philando Castille so we can address mass incarceration and systemic police violence against people of color.

This no is a yes for my beloved best friend, Ann Kaner-Roth (z”l) and her husband and kids because they had health care insurance to care for her when she had a fatal brain tumor and it is a theological commitment to fight like hell so everyone else gets the care she received.

I am tired of weeping and seeing my loved one’s dignity and rights assaulted by this modern day Pharaoh.

My resounding NO to this Supreme Court nominee is a powerful yes to everything that is good about our project of democracy.

Love is demanding. It implicates us in each other’s well being.

And today this overwhelming love demands we are prophetic—not polite.

We didn’t throw the first punch in this epic battle for human decency. But by God, we must throw the last with resolute compassion, determination, and love.


Contributing Editor: Rabbi Michael Adam Latz

Rabbi Michael Adam Latz is Senior Rabbi of Shir Tikvah Congregation ( in Minneapolis & the Co-Chair of T’ruah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights (


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