Political Cartoon

To Fire or Not to Fire

Contributing Editor: Jamie Domnick

Twitter: @JNick9456

Currently a student at the University of Wisconsin--Green Bay; double majoring in Democracy & Justice Studies, and History. At the beginning of my college career, I intended to major in Art and then perhaps teach the subject. However, as I continued to take various classes, I soon discovered my passion for equality and justice. In my studies, I've encountered issues of inequality and injustice in the United States. Particularly racial oppression, mass incarceration, and other methods of social control. Disturbed by the material presented through my studies, I would like to make a difference in my forthcoming years. I seek to make a difference by advocating against these crucial injustices by combining my newfound advocacy interest with my lifelong love of art. I hope to shed light on the issues I am concerned about, and inspire others to become advocates for social change. Recognizing inequality and injustice will lead to needed change within our nation.


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    “Is there any more inane yet toxic “fake issue” poisoning policy and economics discussion than the concept of income inequality? I have a motto for the inequality crowd those who actually believe that inequality is an issue. (Let alone an issue that could actually be solved even assuming it should be). Here it is: “Lets Make Australia Poor Again Because making everyone equally poor is the only way to “solve inequality.

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