The Party of Falsity

Democrats are not the party of equality, in my opinion. Their ideologies contradict the platforms that they run on and claim to value, I find myself feeling.

I'll provide a few examples, and explain further.

The democrat party is typically found connected with today's feminists, who I feel are vastly anti men's rights. By definition feminism is for equality of gender, but it feels as if democrats and modern day liberals have twisted that with third wave feminism.

The first wave stuck to equality by gaining the right to vote, alongside men. After that, the second wave focused on equal pay, sexuality, and changes in laws such as the ones regarding custody/divorce.

Third wave feminism, I believe, is more of an individual movement than a continuation of the first two waves. It focuses on gender role expectations and stereotypes. In the third wave, I feel that men are verbally assaulted, and are sometimes even denied equal rights. Offensive terms such as mansplaining, manspreading, and hepeating, have been coined.

Also, men aren't treated fairly for domestic abuse. They are frequently denied access to shelters for being men. In a study by Denise Hines, Ph.D, she found that 64 percent of men who called domestic violence hotlines, we're told the shelter only helped women. 32 percent were referred to batterers programs. Another 25 percent were given numbers to such programs. Some men even claimed to have been made fun of when asking for help. 12 percent were accused of being the abuser and were told women do not commit domestic violence. Of the men who sought help in this study, only 10 percent claimed to have been helped. I feel that if feminism were really about equality, this would be seen as more of a problem.

In cases like these, men are being denied that equality which is what feminism used to be all about.

Democrats, a while ago, were the party of racism. It used to be racism for black people, but I feel the script has flipped a bit. Now it seems to be about keeping blacks handheld under government control and targeting white people who don't hate other white people.

Ben Shapiro, who is Jewish and therefore targeted journalistically as proved by the ACLU, is claimed to be a white supremacist for his conservative talking points. In his last speech at Berkeley, there were multiple arrests for violent or inappropriate forms of protest. Steven Crowder went underground in the protests and found Antifa, who is typically associated with the left, to be premeditating violence.

Blaire White, a right leaning youtuber, after making a video discrediting blm, which is also associated with the left typically, had to disappear from social media for a long period. Almost immediately after her video went up, she was doxxed and her family began getting threats.

White people are commonly accused of having privilege, but when you look deeper, blacks have privileges that aren't equal to whites as well. Not to say it is wrong for blacks to have privileges, but it isn't what's being portrayed. If a white person were to be as qualified for a job as a person of color, they typically wouldn't be hired over said person of color, due to quotas to protect businesses against discrimination charges. There are channels and all black television shows, but I think that if white people did the same, there would be an outrage. There's also, what I believe to be a dangerous myth being pushed that white people cannot experience racism, which is sometimes used to justify mistreatment and/or violence. I personally feel that democrats must own this, and their racist history against blacks and not try to say the parties have switch, which has been disproven by various scholarly sources. That is how we change. We acknowledge mistakes, and we do our best in the future. But I feel as if this party denies and comes up with a new ever changing script once found out.

Democrats also haven't always been the most tolerant of black conservatives or trump supporters. For example, there was a fifteen year old black boy who supported Trump, and was screamed down by a blm supporter and anti-trump supporters. After the protest, he was doxxed and tormented on social media simply for supporting trump and having black skin as well.

Democrats are very supportive of gay people, and have paved the way for much of the equality we now receive. But I have found that when we express conservatism or disgust for the oppression olympics the party attempts to push us through, we are rejected. I've often felt that gay people can't have their own voices or political beliefs otherwise they are "siding with their oppressor". Being both libertarian and lesbian, I can attest to experiencing this rejection in my own life, but that is just me, I admit.

I feel like the Democrat Party wishes to take money from the rich and distribute it to the poor, therefore denying them equal opportunity for their own 'pursuit of happiness'. This while wrong, hurts our economy.

To continue, I also feel like democrats consistently attempt to undermine our constitution, specifically the bill of rights.

Democrats have expressed beliefs that people of religion should be required to provide services for gay people such as wedding cakes and allowing them to be married in their churches. This can be found to be a huge violation of freedom of religion, which is in the very first amendment. I personally believe that you do not have to value said religions to value their right to equality.

In my opinion, democrats and modern liberals attempt to shut down speech that they don't want heard by screaming fascist, nazi, white supremacist, etc. Again, first amendment. Hate speech (which I feel they call a lot of differing opinions) is still free speech.

A lot of democrats want to take away our guns and therefore the right to protect ourselves from tyranny of government. This is seen in movements, as well as under Obama's presidency in his second term, with many of his executive orders that limited access to guns significantly. I believe this can lead to military rule, after studying some of our founding fathers fears and beliefs, which I hope most of us can agree is frightening and undesired. And historically, democrats pushed gun control so that African Americans could not protect themselves against the KKK. That was a long time ago yes, but maybe stop continuing to push the dangerous agenda?

I feel democrats also try to violate the fifth amendment by wishing to deny due process to those accused of rape. This is seen in title ix cases, which was also an Obama era order. I agree the way we as a society respond to rape and even legally needs to be reformed. I have been victim to the uglier side of due process myself. But, men still have rights here, equal rights, and I feel those rights are being violated. They are being accused of rape when someone regrets a decision, I've seen in some cases, and having their lives flipped upside down.

I feel democrats then try and deny those same men accused of rape of the sixth amendment, by trying to deny fair or equal trial.

I also believe democrats to be increasingly violating our constitutional right to liberty, which is in the preamble. The very beginning. We even have a statue for liberty, yet that value is still attacked. However, I know how democrats tend to feel about statues.

For example, I feel democrats deny our liberty with excess economic oppression. This is done commonly through overtaxation, without much representation. Aka, tyranny.

Admittedly, conservatives can be found guilty of overtaxation as well with costs like military spending.

Furthermore, Obamacare denies individuals liberty through monetary penalty for refusing to purchase insurance. We have a right constitutionally to not be required of that, yet that penalty is still in place. Again, a form of tyranny.

Also, I feel like people of color are fondled by democrats and they want big government to pay for it. That would be oppression. It is also why we accuse democrats today of continuing plantation mentality through welfare. I digress.

I also believe democrats want to erode the binary distinction of gender, because feelings, and deny us the liberty to say otherwise. It's even been pushed at one point to try and rid our society of gender altogether by taking it off the birth certificate. Everyone has the right to whatever gender identity they wish to choose, but again, pushing beliefs onto others is oppressive.

So yes, I believe the main democrat platform of equality is loaded with lies, and inherently deceptive.

Contributing Editor: Kathryn Pearsall

Strong believer in compassion and humanity.

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